That’s My King

According to Wikipedia, here’s some basic information about the preacher who delivered this famous sermon. It’s sort-of old-time Baptist in its style and delivery, but Rev. Lockridge certainly held a view of Jesus that is deep, broad, and beautiful. Enjoy.

Dr. S.M. Lockridge (born Shadrach Meshach Lockridge, March 7, 1913 – April 4, 2000) was the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, a prominent African-American congregation located in San Diego, California, from 1953 to 1993. He was known for his preaching across the United States and around the world.

This post is a part of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure, Week 6.


  1. Breda says

    My tonic for today. It is 5 am am I am getting ready to go to work. I just want to take this with me. It will keep a smile on my face for the day.

    Thank you Vinita !

  2. says

    I love that too. For those of us whose passion for the Lord runs deep and quiet, it’s often exhilarating to hear of someone whose passion for Christ runs up and over! Just listening to this again puts a different set of lenses on my nose. Thank you Vinita…

  3. Christine Foy says

    WOW! That energy and conviction is contagious! That would really shake up the 8:00 Mass on Sunday morning:) Amen! That is my King too.

  4. Kathy says

    Jesus is ALL of this and more; He is my friend. Jesus is ALL of this and yet He picked “me” to be His friend.

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