Google Hangout Interest?

woman writing on laptopWe’re thinking of holding a Google Hangout during the upcoming Advent retreat. Several people with webcams would come together with me to chat about a topic—this hangout will be about stories during the Advent/Christmas season.

We need to know how many DDF subscribers would be interested in participating in the hangout. We really need just a few—we would do it live and then make the video of the hangout available on the DDF site later as well.

If you have a webcam and would like to participate, please leave me a message in the Comments section on this page. Please name a time of day and a day of the week that would work best for you. We’re just trying to get a feel for how much interest there might be and what the best time would be.


    • Jean says

      Linda G what do you mean “No thanks”? You could make a note on your calendar ahead of the time so that all your chocolate bar wrappers would be outta sight. No one would have to know you were a chocoholic.

      • says

        Hahahaa! Nah I don’t do web presence et al although I am doing my own little video where I sing about my lost little button (I really did lose the dang thing) and what I did to fix that. Of course I ran out of batteries for my camera. Button lost. Battery extinguished. What next — and I just dreamed of three broken earthen vessels.

  1. Jean C says

    I don’t know why the “C” had been dropped from my replies but I’ve added it back as I know there is another site friend named “Jean”. Well, I think the idea for the webcam get together sounds like fun, and good for those who have a webcam. We have family whose adult children live in other provinces and this is how they make up for closeness. A phone conversation is good, but to be able to see a face, the expressions, heartwarming for them. They also set their webcam up for Christmas gift opening so they can see the reactions as wrapping paper is torn apart.

  2. helen says

    I’m with Linda G. No thanks. Somehow the immediacy of a webcam and the concept of a “hangout” means to me that threre is not enough time to seriously consider a topic. DDF posters generally seem to have deeper thoughts that I don’t think always come to mind immediately. What kind of stories are you referring to? Personal? Memories? Scripture? Saints? Perhaps divorcing the “hangout” from the “retreat” would be a better idea? “Retreat” sounds like consider more than the surface; “hangout” sounds like superficial chit chat. But as God is in all things…….

    • Geralyn says

      If I may interject: do not be put off by the name Google has given its product! It used to be called “Talk” – what if instead, it was “Google Conversation”?

      I’m not trying to be petty or defensive, but what I do know is that once everyone’s cams/mics are all good, there is potential for great intimacy. Long-distant lovers, friends and family members use Skype, etc to connect. There is potential for depth, no matter the arena.

      Bear in mind that this is also a test run, first of its kind within this community, so there will be teething problems and depth may take awhile, but it all starts somewhere.

      I’ve also had spiritual direction over Skype, if that counts for anything.

      • Vinita Hampton Wright says

        Thanks, Geralyn. I think the terminology is a bit confusing, but I agree that “conversation” would be a better description than “hangout.” I’ve replied to someone else on this site that I witnessed a Google Hangout recently that was quite effective and certainly not superficial. Peace to you–Vinita

    • Vinita Hampton Wright says

      “Google hangout” is a technical term for a meeting of several people at the same time through webcams and Internet connections. I watched such a hangout a few days ago between a coworker and four people around the country who have found ways to connect their Catholic faith with their love of food and cooking. It was a casual conversation, and orderly (people took turns speaking), but it was certainly not superficial. The conversation was as in-depth as our sharing through the Comments section on DDF. It’s simply a different way of doing community and having a conversation. For those who are drawn to it, I heartily invite participation. I also understand that others will not feel as comfortable with the format.

  3. Cuq says

    Great idea, but I think I prefer the emailed retreat reflections. I agree with Helen- hangout is casual but a retreat is spiritual and deep. Thanks though.

  4. Maria Teresa says

    I would love to!
    Even though I don’t comment here very often, I’ve been a faithful follower of this blog for around…let me see…around 5 years I guess. I would love to kind of meeting the sisters that I’ve met here….! I feel like we’re already connected, but been able to see the little faces sounds like a family meeting!
    I’m a little shy to speak English, not very good at it, but I could do my best…..!
    For this season, since I’m at my daughter’s place taking care of my beautiful and first grandson, I’m available every week day – except for Mondays – in the morning and between 3 and 6 PM. I’m in Minneapolis, by the way….just thinking about time zone….!

  5. Geralyn says

    To the hangout idea: YES PLEASE! As for time, anywhere in the evening for you would work, it’ll be day time for me.

  6. says

    Love to~ truly believe that wherever two or more gather in My Name~ kind of special needs though in this computer tech world but I do skype with my daughter in London~ sooooo anything is possible :)

  7. Susan Clark says

    If you dont’ have a webcam – can you still participate? I am not familiar with Google hangout

  8. Donna says

    Wow…just found you all…and this google hangout thingie sounds great. I’m interested.

  9. Nikki says

    I am interested in the google hangouts. I’ll probably be able to make myself available most evenings.

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