My Life with the Saints (November 2009)

Hidden Lives

by Vinita Hampton Wright on 11/23/2009

Jim Martin’s final post during November is about St. Joseph—and also some contemporary saints Fr. Martin met in Nairobi, Kenya. View a video about St. Joseph, featuring Jim Martin, below, or here (excerpted from the DVD Who Cares About the Saints?). We think of St. Joseph as Jesus’ “foster” father, the man who took Mary […]


Real Saints in a Gritty World

by Vinita Hampton Wright on 11/16/2009

Here are two consistent facts about saints: 1. They are human beings, as all of us are. 2. They live in a hard and gritty world, as all of us do. Their saintliness grows out of their engagement with the world as it is. A saint is, first of all, brutally honest—about her own life […]


God Wants the Authentic You

by Vinita Hampton Wright on 11/09/2009

The word “authentic” pops up a lot these days. Out in the general culture, people recognize that integrity is important. We value honesty, even if it comes in the form of brutal confrontation on a reality TV show. But authenticity goes further than honesty. Actually, it goes deeper than honesty. Authenticity comes out of a […]

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Little Saints

by Vinita Hampton Wright on 11/03/2009

For this month’s discussion of saints, we begin with St. Thérèse of Lisieux. This is a good choice, because she considered herself “little” and she demonstrated and encouraged our love of God through little acts. It’s helpful to start small when we’re trying to develop or grow in some way. When was the last time […]