Praying Freedom: Lenten Retreat (2013)

Praying Freedom Online Lenten RetreatInterior, spiritual freedom is a crucial goal in the Christian life. How do we become free? How do we clean that interior house that is the soul?

Those are the starting questions for this year’s online Lenten retreat. Based on the themes of my new book Praying Freedom, the retreat will include reflections, video interviews with Loyola Press authors, and prayer suggestions. Join us each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, beginning February 11, 2013.

Good Friday 2013

by Vinita Hampton Wright on 03/29/2013

As we observe Good Friday, I share this video poem with you. You might also like to pray with last year’s Good Friday Reflection.


Video: Freedom Leads to Contentment

by Vinita Hampton Wright on 03/27/2013

As we near the end of our Lenten retreat, I talk with my colleague Steve Connor about what it means to say that freedom leads to contentment. Detachment or indifference, in the Ignatian sense, makes it possible to freely enjoy the gifts we’re given.


Freedom Leads to Contentment

by Vinita Hampton Wright on 03/25/2013

We are in Holy Week now, when Jesus of Nazareth goes through his Passion, death, and resurrection. A crucial moment in this week is when Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane, that famous prayer: “Let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, heavenly Father.” This is a point of spiritual […]


Freedom When Our Expectations Have Been Knocked Off Course

by Vinita Hampton Wright on 03/22/2013

Sometimes freedom comes when life has taken jagged turns and our expectations have been knocked off course. That’s the entry point to today’s reflection. Please share your thoughts in the comments.


Video: Abundance

by Vinita Hampton Wright on 03/20/2013

Karen Beattie shares how she started to explore what the word abundance really means, in the light of a couple who were able to find God’s abundance despite tragedy in their lives. Karen is the author of Rock-Bottom Blessings.